Fiction – Publications, Prizes, Listings

Short Fiction Collection

Seventy Percent Water – Ellipsis Zine – Winner of 2020 Flash Fiction Collection Competition and shortlisted for the 2021 Saboteur Award Best Short Story Collection


Blue – Bath Flash Fiction Novella-in-Flash Award Longlist, 2021

Flash Fiction

Searching for Skylights – National Flash Fiction Day Anthology: Legerdemain, 2021

How to Enter Another Galaxy – Ellipsis Zine 7: She Cries Honey, 2020

Understanding the Universe – 2020 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology: Root, Branch, Tree

Seventy Percent Water – National Flash Fiction Day Flash Flood, 2020

Kindling – Bath Flash Fiction Vol 4: With One Eye on the Cows, 2019

I remember the cockerel my father received as a housewarming present – Flash Fiction Festival Anthology Three, 2019

The Algebra of BonesNational Flash Fiction Day Anthology: And We Pass Through, 2019

Sixty Percent – National Flash Fiction Day Flash Flood, 2019

How to Enter Another GalaxyTSS Publishing Longlist, 2019

The Last Time I Visited My MumNottingham Review, Issue 12, 2019

The WoodcutterFlash Fiction Festival Anthology Two, 2019

How to Wear a Neon SignEllipsis Zine, 2019

Mother JellyfishTSS Publishing Shortlist, 2019

SingTSS Publishing Longlist, 2019

Rattle and Spin – Bare Fiction, 2018

BonesReflex Fiction, 2018

SmokeShort Edition, 2018

Seventy Percent WaterFlash Festival Anthology One, 2018

Kelly Loves Traffic Light JellyNational Flash Fiction Day Anthology: Box of Stars Beneath the Bed, 2017

AirRetreat West Longlist, 2017

The VillagersMslexia Flashcard Winner, 2015

DrawnDowntown and Driftwood, 2015

DelicateDowntown and Driftwood, 2015

Trumpets The Lonely Crowd, 2015

Three Days – Litro Magazine, 2015

Swimming in the Lounge – National Flash Fiction Day Flash Flood, 2015

Through the WindowFlash500 Shortlist, 2015

Parched National Flash Fiction Day Anthology: Eating My Words, 2014

The ArtistNational Flash Fiction Day Flash Flood, 2014

ParchedFish Flash Fiction Shortlist, 2014

Travel FlashNational Flash Fiction Day Flash Flood, 2012