My work as an artist is either based around on-location sketching or comes from my imagination. Recently I have focused on commissioned work for small press book covers. I mostly work in ink and watercolour.

In June 2020 I created the front cover image for my award-winning debut flash fiction collection Seventy Percent Water  published by Ellipsis Zine and in October I completed the front cover image for Alison Woodhouse’s novella-in-flash The House on the Corner, published by Ad Hoc Fiction.

I am honoured to be artist-in-residence for a third year at National Flash Fiction DayNFFD celebrates and promotes flash fiction via workshops, an annual anthology, and events both online and off. In my role I have created images for the 2019 and 2020 anthologies and visual prompts for the yearly Write-In pages.

In 2019 I created the front cover image for Diane Simmons’ debut collection of themed flash fiction Finding a Way, published by Ad Hoc Fiction.

Images of my book covers are below.

All of the images on my website headers are from my sketchbooks. You can see more of them in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to discuss a commission, please feel free to Contact Me. Prices vary according to your requirements, but artwork for book cover commissions usually ranges between £80 to £150. I scan the work and send it to you. Please note I don’t apply text or any framing, I only provide the image. This may change in the future, so it’s always worth checking my website.


final jpeg from john ad hoc - the house on the corner copy 2

The House on the Corner by Alison Woodhouse – Ad Hoc Fiction


Seventy Percent Water by Jeanette Sheppard Ellipsis Zine

I created a watercolour image for the front cover of my debut flash fiction collection.


Root, Branch, Tree – Edited by Sophie van Llewyn & Ingrid Jendrzejewski, published by National Flash Fiction Day

Cover image created in mixed media – (working to the theme of ‘family’)
& Write-in prompts for FlashFlood



And We Pass Through – Edited by Santino Prinzi and Joanna Campbell, published by National Flash Fiction Day

Cover image created in watercolour (working to the theme of ‘doors’)
Write-in prompts for FlashFlood
& Social Media Images

picture of finding a way2

Finding a Way by Diane Simmons – Ad Hoc Fiction

Cover image created in pen and ink with digital colour overlaid.

All images on my website are © Jeanette Sheppard

Some of my on-location sketches below have been ‘cleaned up’ to remove the gutter markings, but all of the images are as I drew them on the day.