I’m excited to say that on 28th July, along with Matt Kendrick, I will be setting challenges for one of the competitions at the Flash Fiction Festival.

The Festival is online this year and comprises of a series of events through to August. On one day each month writers issue three challenges. You then have a week to create your flash fiction or flash fictions and submit it into the competition .

Not only are challenges and competitions on offer, writers are running workshops each month. There’s an incredible line-up ready to inspire you, including Tania Hershman, Christopher Allen, Nancy Stohlman and Michael Loveday. There are also opportunities to socialise, read your work, and a whole lot more!

For the competitions, three challenges will be set on each day and you have a week to submit your work. The cost for each festival day is £30. You can come to one day or all of them, it’s up to you. There are free spaces available if you find the cost unmanageable. You need to attend the festival to enter the challenge competitions. You can find all the information here. https://www.flashfictionfestival.com/programme/